John’s Garage Ltd commits to becoming Malta’s first carbon neutral car firm

John’s Garage on Friday committed to become the first car company in Malta to become carbon neutral. On his part, Rural Affairs Minister George Pullicino committed to devoting a garden to be called John’s Garage Garden so that the company would be able to plant trees as part of the scheme.

Mr Pullicino was speaking during a tree planting ceremony at Ghar Lapsi to mark the 50th anniversary of John’s Garage. John’s Group donated 50 tamarisk and luq trees, which were planted around the Ghar Lapsi car park.

Raymond Farrugia, managing director of John’s Garage, said the donation was significant because the trees would, in future, compensate for the pollution that was an inevitable byproduct of his company’s line of business. “Suffice it to say that trees absorb a large quantity of carbon monoxide, which is a source of global warming,” Mr Farrugia added.

This would not be a one-off gesture but the company intends to continue to donate trees and have them planted on a regular basis from time to time.

Mr Pullicino announced that in the past four years since the Tree for You campaign had begun almost 100,000 trees had been planted. This year’s target to plant 30,000 trees had been exceeded by 6,000 and next year’s target is 40,000 trees.

Each tree costs €14 and there were schemes for those who were getting married, when a person died and when there was a new addition to the family. He urged the John’s Group Board of Directors to consider a carbon offsetting programme and to donate trees to offset the carbon monoxide emitted when people went on trips using the cars of John’s Garage.

“It will be a good first and you will be giving an example which others can follow. You can display the ‘Carbon Neutral Company’ logo to show your achievement,” he said.

Mr Farrugia immediately accepted the minister’s proposal and said his company would work to implement it.

John’s Garage has expanded in the past half century to offer a diverse range of services, including chauffeur-driven luxury saloons for all occasions, leasing and hiring of vehicles, vehicle servicing, travel, tourism, the importation and distribution of energy products and the provision of specialised engineering services. John’s Garage’s fleet includes the latest BMW and Mercedes-Benz saloons and a unique 1950 Austin Princess, among other luxury vintage vehicles. Over the years, we have had the honour to provide transport for many auspicious occasions, the visits of major statesmen and, most recently, for the inauguration of Archbishop Paul Cremona.